It takes a blend of skills to shape a compelling story

 From strategic message development to ensure all content is on-target, to speaking and media opportunities that promote executive visibility and build thought leadership, we work to get the word out in a way that highlights what is different, innovative, and authentic. To find out more about how we can help tell your story, contact us.

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Knowledge Management

The point is that all media – earned, owned, and shared – should work together to create a cohesive and powerful program that drives visibility, influences opinion and spurs action. Take a look at our work in knowledge management, and let us know if you agree.

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Social Media Marketing & PR

Social media engagement and activity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, so your social media marketing strategy shouldn’t either; it should be informed by the company’s overall communications strategy. For more information about our social media marketing services, contact us.

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Content Marketing

A comprehensive content marketing program is informed by both business goals and the needs of prospective customers. As a content strategy focused agency, our process typically begins by helping clients think through their goals, resources, and internal capabilities.To find out more about our approach to integrating PR and content, contact us.

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Media relations

At Ngubasha, we place a high premium on media relations skills – contacts, publicity results, and earned placements are still the centerpiece of most Crenshaw programs.

Corporate Communications

A positive and enduring corporate reputation, supported by strategic corporate PR, is one of the keys to credibility and engagement among customers and business stakeholders. As one of the leading corporate communications companies in New York, we have helped clients in consumer products, technology, retail, and financial services build and preserve a positive image for the corporation through strategic corporate communications.

Report writing and design

We work with our clients to write and design reports. From the inception until printing we make sure our clients are happy with the layout of the report, the type of infographics used as well as working on the content to best capture the results and best practices.